GOT A WARRANT? (front)
GOT A WARRANT? (front) GOT A WARRANT? (back)

GOT A WARRANT? (Black American Apparel T-shirt)

Proudly display your support for Flex Your Rights and the Bill of Rights!
Flex T-shirts are printed on American Apparel — the softest, smoothest, best-looking short sleeve T-shirt available anywhere. Both T-shirt designs feature "10 Rules for Dealing with Police" on the back...
1) Don’t get angry. Always be calm and cool.
2) Don’t tell them that you know your rights.
3) Don’t get tricked by threats. Cops can lie.
4) Don’t agree to a search. Ever.
5) Don’t just wait. Ask: “Am I free to go?”
6) Don’t do shady stuff in public.
7) Don’t admit anything. Remain silent instead.
8) Don’t answer questions without a lawyer.
9) Don’t let them in without a warrant.
10) Don’t panic. Challenge misconduct in court.
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