10 Rules DVD Cover (front)
10 Rules DVD Cover (front) 10 Rules DVD Cover (back) 10 Rules for Dealing with Police DVD 10 Rules for Dealing with Police DVD

10 Rules for Dealing with Police DVD

The latest DVD from Flex Your Rights, 10 Rules is a fast-paced and powerful know-your-rights resource. Ideal for high school and college audiences – 10 Rules helps create more confident and intelligent citizens.

Constitutional advocates praise 10 Rules...
    “I watched [10 Rules]. I loved it. It’s right on the law, and everybody should see it.”  Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst, Fox News Channel

    “A precipitating cause of the American Revolution was the power of British officers in the American colonies to search homes and offices anytime they chose, period. This led to the 4th amendment in our Constitution protecting us from such government invasion of our fundamental privacy rights. The 4th Amendment has been on life support during both the Bush-Cheney and Obama administrations. The clearest and most constitutionally-grounded guide for all of us against this government contempt for our 4th Amendment rights is 10 Rules for Dealing with Police. It should be shown in schools, in local legislatures and in Congress.”  Nat Hentoff, Syndicated Columnist

    “Legally accurate, realistic and entertaining. 10 Rules will prepare you for how policing is done in America. Only those police officers who disregard the law have something to fear from its message. As an ex-cop, I thank Flex Your Rights for all you’ve done and continue to do.” — Norm Stamper, Ph.D., Former Chief of the Seattle Police Department
    Bonus Features include 10 Rules for Non-citizens (en Español) and Spanish & Arabic translation. Closed captioned for the hearing impaired (Feature Run Time: 40 min.)
    No licensing required for public screenings!

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